About the Authors

Where do hot dogs come from? A children's book about cellular agriculture Where do hot dogs come from? – A question that is on many minds but an answer that is quickly forgotten.

But what if our story takes a different direction? Join us and enter a world of cellular agriculture. We first learned about cellular agriculture after the topic came up in one of our yearly round table discussions with close friends. Since then, we've spoken to hundreds of researchers, students, investors, and entrepreneurs that are dedicating their life to the topic. There was one question that consistently came up each time we would talk to someone. When is cultured meat going to be available? Many stakeholders in the industry agree —"It will be widely available 10-15 years from now". After hearing about these timelines, we seriously started considering how this topic could be important for today's youth. What if the youth of today would be inspired to work on this technology that could dramatically change the world? This story will inspire young readers to develop a love for STEM.